Clinton Street Flower Mural by Laura Wolanin, Praise the Sun Shop

Large size murals are an exciting challenge. If you can dream it, I can bring it to life. 

Turn a bland or boring wall in your business, home, or outdoor space into a beautiful piece of art. Choose a flowery scene, a rustic landscape, geometric patterns, or something totally new to transform your space.

Victor Apple Farm Murals

Each of these murals are 8 x 8′ and are displayed at the Victor Apple Farm. 

Victor Apple Farm Mural

Heron Camper

Heron Festival Camper Mural

Baby Nursery Clouds

Baby Nursery Clouds Mural

Magical Fairy Mural

This lovely little scene was designed for a little girl’s bedroom wall. It incorporates a magical component with the fairy and unicorns along with a colorful landscape of flowers, water, and a purple sky. 

Magical Waterfall Mural

This magical mural expands to fill the entire room! I was excited to create this green, lush scene and incorporate plenty of detail to really make this piece come to life. If you can dream it, I can paint it! 

Ocean (inside a painting) Bathroom Mural

The client asked me if I could make it look like you were inside a painting that her grandmother painted as folk artist. No problem! This bathroom mural spans across the entire room and incorporates plenty of detail creating an all-encompassing ocean scenery. 

Mushroom Mural for the Great Blue Heron Music Festival 2019

This gigantic piece was featured at the festival entrance, welcoming attendees to a mystical, magical mushroom landscape deep in the woods. It was an honor to help out at the Blue Heron Festival and to leave my mark in this way. 

Clinton Street Flowers

You can find these giant flowers on the side of a garage behind Alana Davis Photography studio located at 161 Clinton St. in  Binghamton, NY.

I was so lucky to paint this on a freaky beautiful and warm day in the middle of October of 2018. I had so much fun creating these, I would love to paint more larger-than-life flowers in the future!

Nursery Ocean Wave Mural

I am so thankful to the brave people that let me doodle on their walls!

This was super fun for me. No stencils, no sketching, I just went for it with the help of some Pinterest inspiration, (of course)!

Check out the timelapse video of the project here.

Yoga Studio Mandala

Mandalas are one of my favorite things to create, draw, paint and to just look at. I was so happy to paint this mandala on the wall of a small yoga studio in Endwell, NY.

You can find it in the Perrino Family Chiropractic building at 3401 E Main St, Endicott, NY.

BONES Bakery

This place is literally full of my work, it’s like my own personal art gallery! Bones Bakery is an amazing dog bakery and cafe and I highly recommend visiting if you are in the Rochester area regardless of if you have a dog, although we would love it if you brought a pup to say hello!

My art in the bakery includes four pet portraits of the owners dogs, an old fireplaces turned into a dog house, a world map showcasing dog bakeries all around the world, a photo backdrop, a birthday photo backdrop, a regular door turned into an old barn french door with a cute pup popping out, and more! See for yourself at 39 S Goodman St, Rochester, NY.