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Live Wedding PaintingStarting at $1,500

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I try to take note of the questions everyone seems to have as well as any I can think of before they’re even asked.

During the wedding ceremony, I will take photos and videos of the couple at the alter, making sure to get lots of detailed shots including the arch and background. I especially try to get the first kiss if possible! From there I get to work during the reception, sketching out the best composition from a combination of the photos and videos. Guests can watch and ask questions throughout the night and in most cases, the couple will leave that night with a finished piece!

I recommend reaching out as early as possible! It depends on my work load at the time and the season we are in, but it will typically take at least a month or two to get started on your custom piece.

I do offer very basic/rustic DIY frames made with stained wood (no glass) at an additional charge. I am also happy to help find a frame (from Michaels) for a watercolor piece at an additional charge.

I buy all of my canvases from Michaels, so as long as they carry it there, I can offer most size canvases!

Watercolor, acrylic and water-based latex for murals.