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Thank you 13 WHAM News
for featuring my shop on
Good Day Rochester!

“Rochester, N.Y. — A local woman is using art to promote the power of positivity.

Her approach to art is inspired by positive thinking and thankfulness as the key to joy in life. Take a look at how she repurposes and recycles a variety of items creating one-of-a-kind designs. And for your pet, she is insanely talented at making them a work of art. The brilliant and talented Laura Wolanin making a positive impact on the Rochester community.”

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Watch all the news broadcasts here!

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Verona Street Animal Society Fundraiser

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Early this year I participated in a fundraiser with Verona Street Animal Society and I am SO proud to announce that we managed to raise $800 for the sweet fur babies who have yet to find their forever home!

I can’t thank everyone enough who helped by either ordering a portrait or by spreading the word! It brings me so much joy to help this awesome place by doing what I love.

Please visit their website to see the amazing things they do and to meet some of the beautiful animals still awaiting their forever home! 

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